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The Analysis Design Matrix was invented and developed by Mike Finn


Matrix Technology


If your company is embarking on a new project or rewriting legacy software contact our consultant Mike Finn to discuss your requirements and find out how Matrix Technology can help you.


Initially your project can be implemented with our Professional Model Compiler. Later you may need a tailored Model Compiler and software architecture designed to meet your own specification. This depends on the type of components involved such as database, user interface, communications and language.



Mike Finn


Mike Finn is a highly experienced independent software development consultant based in Surrey, UK.


He is a specialist in Executable UML, Model Compiler design, the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Model Driven Architecture (MDA), tool development and the analysis of large and complex systems such as Air Traffic Control and Command & Control Systems.


Mike has worked for Plessey Naval Systems, Marconi Combat Systems, Admiral, CMG and Logica.  His experience includes real-time systems, database driven website development and various other systems for defence, government and financial sector customers.


Since the early 1990’s Mike has written four Model Compliers, three of which generated ANSI C source code.


While working for Kennedy Carter (now Abstract Solutions), Mike provided extensive consultancy to a major client during the development of an optimised SPARK Ada Model Compiler for safefy critical applications.


Currently, Mike is producing the advanced Matrix modeling language and another equally advanced Model Compiler.


Mike is available now. If you think he can assist your project contact him at mike@ultradark.com.

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