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New Example: Gothic Hotel Controller Model




Introducing State Event Transition Notation



Welcome to the Analysis Design Matrix (or just Matrix). Matrix is a fundamentally new conceptual framework for thinking about Software Engineering and Model Compiler development. Projections of the Matrix are:


Windows WiX Installer Model Released



The Matrix Modeling Language


The Business Case For Future Proof Software




Matrix Modeling


Matrix is the new textual modeling language for building software systems and represents the next step in the evolution of software production.


By specifying two completely separate models for what the system has to do and how it does it, Matrix provides a solid foundation for the future proof development of your next project.



Here's How It Works


Just write implementation free Matrix code to define your business model, pass it through our Model Compiler and generate working source code.



Get a quick introduction to Matrix or delve deeper. There are example models and see our graphical notation that maps directly to the language. Matrix is not like any other language and has many innovative features.


Create, compile and execute your own models by downloading our free Model Compiler. There is help available to get started and full details are provided for running the Simulator to test models using scripts or from the command line.


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