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This website is the book of the Matrix (except that there is no actual book).  But just like a book still being written, any part of it may be improved, changed and even deleted without notice.


The Matrix started life as just a technical paper but it was soon found that the new concepts, ideas and diagrams we were developing become too large to be contained within such a limited format.  A book was the obvious choice but the new Matrix language and diagrams were still a problem, plus the thought of spending years writing away in isolation was far too depressing for words.


Instead, the notion of a dedicated Matrix website was created.  This medium provides us with the maximum of flexibility but we will try to keep to the book format as far as it makes sense.


In this vein, the blue buttons at the top are chapter headings and the red menu buttons to the left correspond to chapter sections.  Just like some other websites, in fact.  Some pages also have green buttons on the right through which subsections can be accessed.


And as a bonus we can get valuable feedback if anybody happens by.  There are three easy ways on the right to start a discussion with us.


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