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The Pong Sending State Actions


When the "go" signal arrives at myPong's Event Pool it is immediately consumed by the Pong State Machine.

The signal causes a transition from the "Activate" state to the "Sending" state.  The first action in the "Sending" state is executed:


myPing = this -> R1


This navigates the association to get a handle to myPing so that a signal can be sent to the instance in the next statement:


generate PIG1:go() to myPing

Next, a self directed signal is generated to make the State Machine "move" to the "Waiting" state:


generate POG1:wait() to this


Finally, for the "Sending" state, a message is displayed via a Domain Operation:


[] = PP1::outputString["PONG_PINGED"]


When the "Sending" state completes, the "wait" transition will take place.  This puts the State Machine into the "Waiting" state, where it sits in a dormant state until either a "go" signal or a "die" signal is sent from the related Pong instance.

If a "go" signal is received, the State Machine re-enters the "Sending" state.  Alternatively, if the "die" signal is received it "moves" to the final "Terminated" state where a message to that effect is displayed.

When both State Machines enter and complete their "Terminated" states, that is the end of the demonstration.

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