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Future Plans


With a larger and more practical model based on a Real World application, further aspects could be explored.  An ideal candidate would be Leon Starr's Elevator Project model which is described in his book.


For the Elevator model, a full sized multi-storey building complete with atrium could be built in the Second Life world.  Multiple cabins (lifts) could move from floor to floor on one side of the atrium.  The actual xUML model could then be built on the ground floor, allowing an avatar to view the model in operation while travelling in the cabin that it was controlling.

Alternately, a larger model, with say 10 to 20 classes, could be arranged around the Avatar in the form of a sphere.


For a user to interact more fully with a virtual world, the user should not be limited to just one screen (or even two or three).  A room completely filled with monitors in all directions would be ideal.  Such a room actually exists and it’s called the Allosphere.


Another aspect to explore is the presentation of multiple instances within a class.  This 3D model was designed so that multiple instances could be stacked in layers.  An instance layer would then rise above the stack when active.


We are always eager to hear about any new uses of Second Life (or other virtual environments) for advancing Software Engineering.  Contact us inworld via Ultra Dryke.

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