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Matrix Reward Scheme


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Hunt Bugs, Get Points


Like everyone else we aim to produce reliable and error free software.  Unlike everyone else, we hand out rewards for finding bugs.  But we want to reward people like us, our users.  People who are committed to Executable Modeling and generating efficient code consistently and rigorously from models just as much as we are.  And we have a cunning plan...


The Matrix Model Compiler - Learning Edition is free to download and we will make sure that the Learning Edition will always be free to all.  However, the upcoming Professional Edition will not be free; it has to be paid for.


So how do we get the Professional Edition into the hands of developers like us and grow a community of Executable Model users?


To this end, we have carefully inserted hundreds of bugs into the Model Compiler codebase for you to hunt!  Each confirmed bug found will win you up to 10 Matrix Points.  A Matrix Point is worth 1% off the price of the Professional Edition.


The idea is that for finding small bugs such as typos you get rewarded with 1 or 2 Matrix Points, for average bugs around 5 or 6 and for serious bugs 9 or 10.  Find 10 original big bugs and get the professional Model Compiler completely free!


All you need to do is to send the details of the bug together with your real name to us and if it's not been found before you will get a special code which unlocks your reward.


In due course we plan to publish a list of bugs and their hunters on this site, but we won't publish names without permission and never email addresses.



The Bug Hunt Rules


  • Matrix Points are only given for the first report of a bug.  If anybody finds the bug before you, you're out of luck.


  • To qualify, the bug report must be on the latest version of the Model Compiler.


  • The judge's decision is final.


  • Matrix Points may be withdrawn without notice.


  • Rules may change without notice.


  • Matrix Points are non-transferable.


  • Your real and verifiable name must be provided together with a valid email address so that we can provide your Matrix points score and validation code.


  • Emails sent by us requesting further details about the bug or actions to be performed by you must be replied to within three working days.  If we cannot proceed with our investigations the bug will be put back into the hunt for someone else to find.


  • Only one free copy of Matrix Model Compiler - Professional Edition per person.


  • Missing or wish list features are not bugs; though great ideas may well get Matrix Points.  But beware, we have been doing this far longer than you, so it's extremely likely we have already thought of it!  But don't let this put you off.
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