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Matrix References




Model Driven Architecture with Executable UML

Chris Raistrick, Paul Francis, John Wright, Colin Carter, Ian Wilkie

Cambridge University Press, 2004

ISBN 0-521-53771-1



For the diagram that started the Analysis Design Matrix website, see figure 13.15 on page 360.





MDA Distilled: Principles of Model-Driven Architecture

Stephen J. Mellor, Kendall Scott, Axel Uhl, Dirk Weise

Addison-Wesley, 2004

ISBN 0-201-78891-8



Diagrams of interest are figure 4-2 on page 39 and figure 4-4 on page 42.



The first glimmer of the true origin of the Analysis Design Matrix can be traced back to an industry conference that probably took place sometime around 1990 at which a certain presentation contained the slide shown below:

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