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Analysis in Matrix


Analysis is the process of building a Matrix model of an application.  The output of analysis is an analysis model.  A Matrix model is always an analysis model.


Other activities may be involved such as gathering requirements, prototyping, writing lists, drawing informal diagrams and writing technical notes.  But the main activity of analysis is the creation of a Matrix model and the main output of the analysis process is an analysis model in the Matrix language.


Analysis levels or layers may be identified between domains in a realm.  The top level domain is sometimes referred to as the business problem domain.  For example, in an Air Traffic Control System application the top level domain might be an Air Traffic Management (client) domain.


The Air Traffic Management domain will depend on several other server domains, such as User Interface, Recording, Conflict Detection and Alarms for its operation.


The requirements and dependencies which client domains place on server domains are detailed in the bridges between domains.


Several layers may be indentified within a realm if the application is sufficiently complex.

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