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Create Command




Creates and sends an event to the system under test for processing.





create event creation <Domain> <Entity> <Event> [<Data>...]


create event identity <Domain> <Entity> <Event> <Identity_Data> [<Data>...]


create event identifier \

       <Domain> <Entity> <Event> <Identifier> [<Identifier_Data>...] [<Data>...]





Domains provide an event context or interface as practically the only means of communication with other domains. Therefore, the create event command provides the only way to interact with a domain.


Any event can be created; it does not have to be specified as an ImportEvent.





create event creation - Sends a creation event to the entity as a whole. It is not directed at an object for the simple reason that the object does not yet exist. Creation events only enter creation states which create the object. It is not possible to send a creation event to an existing object.


create event identity - Sends an event to an existing object. Usually, an event triggers an object's state to be entered which causes some processing to take place. However, the event can be ignored or in exceptional circumstances the event can cause a system error to be raised. The actual object to receive the event is specified with the Identity_Data parameter. This value must be calculated or simply determined by inspection by using the display command.


create event identifier - Sends an event to an existing object using a named identifier. An entity may have several named identifiers and each identifier may require one or more items of indentifying data.





create event creation Banking_Application Customer New_customer "Steve" "Albania" 20.00


create event identity Banking_Application Account Withdrawal_submitted 1 10.00


create event identifier Petrol_Station_Control Pump Gun_replaced Pump_Identifier 2

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