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Initialise Command




Sets up entity objects and events to put system into known configuration at system start-up.





initialise all


initialise events


initialise objects


initialise start





Places the system into a known state specified by the M0 silo in a Matrix model.  The M0 silo lists out the initialising objects and their attribute values.  If the object is active the initial state is also specified.


The initialise all option initialises the system in one step.  Use of this option prohibits the use of the objects, events and start options.


In conjunction with the trace command, initialise objects, events and start options provide a means of examining the system at each pertinent initialisation stage.  Use of the objects option requires use of the events and start option in that order and the all option is not allowed.


Any initialising self-directed events are processed first for each entity before starting the normal event processing sequence.





initialise all - Initialises the system with a single command.  This option combines the action of initialise objects, events and start options.


initialise objects - Creates all objects and generates events specified in the M0 silo present in the Matrix model file.  Although, each event is generated and placed in the appropriate self-directed queue it is not processed and therefore causes no object state to be actioned.


initialise events - Self-directed events specified in the M0 silo of the Matrix model are  processed for each entity.  If a state that is actioned causes an additional self-directed event to be generated, then this event is also processed.  Any events that are generated to non-self objects within an actioned state are not processed.


initialise start - Causes the normal processing of events and states to start until the event thread is exhausted.





Normal set up:

initialise all


Staged set up:

initialise objects

initialise events

initialise start

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