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Commands have a very simple syntax.  A command name may be followed by one or more options.  Options may be followed by model element names, data values or general parameters depending on command.







create event creation <Domain> <Entity> <Event> [<Data>...]

create event identity <Domain> <Entity> <Event> <Object_Identity> [<Data>...]


display all

display domain <Domain>

display entity <Domain> <Entity>





help <Topic>

help help

help all


host <Host_Command>


initialise all

initialise events

initialise objects

initialise start


remark [<Comment>]


start "<Filename>"


trace all on

trace all off

trace display on

trace display off

trace events on

trace events off

trace states on

trace states off







<Comment> - Any text characters.


<Data>... - Repeating field indicated by "...".  Data values corresponding to Matrix model types:

Integer - 23

Boolean - True

Enumeration - THURSDAY

Fixed - 72.45

Float - 10.0E+01

String - "Ain't nobody here but us chickens."


<Domain> - Name of a domain in capped case.


<Entity> - Name of an entity in capped case.


<Event> - Name of an event in capped case.


<Filename> - "C:\Test\Test.mcx"


<Host_Command> - dir


<Object_Identity> - 23


<Topic> - Name of a Simulator command or facility.





Commands are not case sensitive.


There should be no comments or trailing spaces at the end of the command line.


Commands may be abbreviated; down to the number of characters that still make them unique.


Commands in a Matrix command file should not be abbreviated.

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